Refresh / Updatelink not working

  • Hello,

    I have two instances of excel open running 2010 version.
    two workbooks that almost never close, one a sign in log, and the other a status board.

    I setup the status board today to reference the log but the refresh on the status board doesnt update the values of the cells.

    A lot of the trouble I believe is because of the two different instances of excel. The links in the cells automatically change from [Sign-In-Log 2018.xlsm] to C:\Users\MPH\Desktop\[Sign-In-Log 2018.xlsm]
    if I click on the data tab in the ribbon, select edit links and click update values, everything updates and looks good.
    I don't trust my coworkers enough to do that without breaking something so the excel sheet is usually forced to full screen for display only purposes.

    The different excel instances are for dual monitor purposes.

    Thank you for any help!

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