How to delete single quotes?

  • Hello,

    Sometimes Excel chooses to include a single quotation mark at the beginning of the formula ( '= ) and when I type Enter, it says: "We found an error in the formula and tried to correct for: ... Do you accept this correction?". Then he puts the formula, only without space and it does not work. I try to say that the cell is not text and does not solve.

    It sometimes works when I copy, paste in Notepad, copy and paste in Excel back. Very strange...


  • The likely cause is that the cell is formatted as text. So that when you try and enter a formula Excel tries to save you by quoting the "text" that you entered. Check the formatting under the number tab make sure it is set to general. If that doesn't work you can select the entire row, copy and paste special(ctrl+alt+v) into the next row and choose values and you should have your formula back.

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