Compare 2 sheets and result in sheet 3

  • Hello,

    I have 2 sheets. Sheet 1 contains names in column B next to "info" in Column C.
    Sheet 2 contains only the "info" in Column C. I want to compare the info on sheet 2 with the info in sheet 1.
    The possibilities are, the info in Column C in sheet 2 exist in sheet 1, then copy the row to sheet 3, the "info" (row) in sheet 2 does not exist in sheet 1, then copy row ffrom sheet 2 in sheet 3, the info in sheet 1 does not longer exist in sheet 2, then do nothing.
    See the attachement.

    Thanks in advance

  • Try this

  • a litte rev if data in sheet1 and sheet2 not same as dimension

  • Thanks, the code works fiine but gives problems when the strings to compare are long or when there are to many rows to compare.. Other problem is when a blank row is in the data, then the macro stops.

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