Excel Concatenating for a Fixed Position Text file

  • I'm needing to create a fixed position file, I want to create a spreadsheet that will make the creation of that file easier. As an example say the first field of the text file is held in positions 01-32, field 2 is position 33-40. If the value of field 1 is only 5 characters long I need a formula (not VBA code, as I'm not as familiar with VBA), that will take the value I enter and add spaces for the remaining positions, (Field #1 (01-32), my value "ABCDE" (01-05), then spaces in position 06-32.

    What I'm trying to do is:
    1. use CELL A2 to house my value "ABCDE"
    2. a formula that will take "ABCDE" and add the remaining spaces

    Is there a formula that I can enter the positions or actual number of spaces and the formula takes my entered value and replaces some of the spaces while still maintaining a position length of 32 characters.

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