Refreshing sheets one at a time ,verifying if the refreshing was successful or not.

  • Hello guys, thank you in advance for your hard work and joyeux noël. Here is my problem:
    I’m trying to write a code which will open an excel file and update all the data(fetching the new ones in a related access request). I have two sheets in that excel workbook. I used the “ActiveWorkbook.refreshall” function but it’s still doesn’t update both sheets. I’m setting a timer in order to make the update before I’m arriving at work : that’s my goal, refreshing all the data at a predetermined time and bypassing all the errors occurring ( like always ticking the yes button or something like that).How can I write something that will basically tell the computer “ refresh this workbook at 07:00:00, if in this sheet I had 12 rows before the update and after I still got the 12 rows , redo the refreshing”. Thank you so much in advance for your eventual responses .

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