Clicked Checkbox Is Not Shown

  • Hi there,
    I would appreciate some assistance to the following problem. The below code populates 10 checkboxes on the form. Clicking on one of them must show up the name of a clicked checkbox however this doesn't happen.
    Is there anything wrong with the code?
    Assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Class Module

    Public WithEvents myCheckBox As MSForms.CheckBox
    Private Sub myCheckBox_Click()
        MsgBox myCheckBox.Caption
    End Sub
  • I can't explain it but the issue seems to be creating the user form on the fly. If you create a userform and then add your code to the initialize event it will work. There might be a workaround for your scenario but you'll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable than me.

  • Try this, note that you need both Subs and the Function, your Class Module code is fine as it is.

    This will create a User Form named UserForm1 which will replace any existing UserForm with that name.

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  • Thank you , Guys, "new userform's Initialize event" was as well the solution!

    I've created a new form:

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    End Sub

    Where the event of the old form "Test" changed from Initialize to "Activate", this did the job.

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