Create list from data of length determined by UserForm input

  • I'm still very new at vba and I'm learning by doing, but this is way over my head.

    I have attached my mock data workbook to help. It is a item request list. One group of people adds to detail of the item in the first section (green in the workbook). The second group of people then pick up the item in batches at a later date. Some items are classed as non-urgent and is designated with PR in the column "PR?".

    I am hoping to use a macro to create a pick up list for the second group of people based on blanks in the "Item Picked Up" (i.e. items which have not been picked up yet). I'm wanting them to press a button (the green "Create Pick List" button on the far right) and have a UserForm pop up asking for the number of items they want on their pick list and check a box if they want to exclude PR items, then automatically return a list of the first x number (based on what was entered in the UserForm) items not yet picked up on the Pick List worksheet.

    I have already created the UserForm layout in Visual Basics.

    I hope this all makes sense. Any help would be beyond appreciated.


  • Could you give an example of your request? Its a little unclear as to what you want.

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  • I was able to get help on another forum, but this was the resulting code:

    Basically I wanted the userform to appear when the "Create Pick List" button was pressed. The user would enter a number in the form as the number of item they would like on the their list and they could also choose to exclude the non-urgent requests ("PR"). Upon submitting the userform, a list would be generated of the top x number of items which have not been picked up yet depending on the number they entered.

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