VLookup Help....

  • [SIZE=13px]OK So I have done some research on this and I have come up with the following... [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=13px]I need it to associate with the first section box in order for it to pick the correct table to fill out the Macros as needed. So I have added this formula to the cell I want the Macros table to come back the results from the search. But I get an error as it has to many arguments? Am I missing something here? [/SIZE]


    [SIZE=13px]I have 2 dropdown boxes.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=13px]1. Select the appropriate workout days in (I4)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=13px]2. Select the appropriate meal (A9)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=13px]3. Macros table comes back with the appropriate search numbers [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=13px]Sounds easy right... HA not so much.... [/SIZE]

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