Lookup value using excel vba

  • Im working on an assignment and have been asked to do the below in excel VBA using macros. Im very new to VBA and hence haven't been able to figure it out yet. Please provide your inputs

    The requirement is as below:

    • Lookup a table name in Sheet1 column A. Copy the adjacent cell value which is table size into parameter1 for future use.
    • If the table name is found in Sheet1, go to Sheet2 which contains the table`s associated objects in column J, J1 being the header.
    • Lookup J2 in Sheet3 column A(Column A contains objects of all tables). From it`s adjacent cell value which is object size, subtract parameter1/number of rows in J.
      • repeat step 3 for till end of rows in J in sheet2.
      • Once end of rows is reached, sort Sheet3 based on it`s values in descending order.

    Thanks, Pankaja

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