Macro to fill down formual when new data entered

  • I've been playing around with trying to get my sheet to fill down three formulas every time a new entry is added. And I want it to do it without having to manually run the macro

    This is the code I've been playing with

    I've tried versions of it in selection change event too, but I can't seem to get it to work. It just makes my whole workbook freeze. Any ideas would be a huge help

  • The macro you have chosen ( Sub Worksheet_Activate() ) will only fire if you move to another sheet, then return to sheet Upgrade Requests. Hence the term "Activate".

    Try placing your code in one of these macros :

  • Thanks, Logit.

    I tried SelectionChange before and it made my whole workbook freeze. And I just tried the Change and SelectionChange as you suggested and Excel had to restart.

  • Apologies for the lateness in responding. This Forum is not forwarding notices to me regarding new activity.

    I placed your macro in the following sub and it works here.

    For testing purposes I used Sheet1 as the sheet name. You will need to change the name to match your project.

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