IF statement with available resources

  • In the attached file, I have the available resources based on their start time in columns B:C.
    I have the desired work that needs to be assigned to each resource and their start/end time. What I want to do is assign a driver based on the start and end time of each run.
    So for runs 1-3 just assign based on if there are resources available based on start time(dynamic data validation sheet) . For the rest, I want to check first if the drivers 1-3 are finished with their first assignment so they can take up the next one, if they're not then assign the next resource from the list in columns B:C.

    I've used decimal times to make it easier to calculate like if start time is less then end time, then assign the next resource, otherwise assign the resource that's done from the ones above.

    Not sure if I've explained this properly, please let me know if more clarification is needed.

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