Help with code for semi-complicated sheet call

  • Hi there expert ladies/gents. I'm going to try and keep this post as short as possible to avoid drowning everyone in text, but I've got a function I'm trying to implement that is beyond my capability and I'm hoping for some help.

    Reading this forum in the past has helped me SO MUCH, and has gotten me to a basic level of VBA competence so thank you all.

    Here's what I've got:

    1 worksheet with four sheets titled V, C, M, and SPL. Each row in each sheet represents a physical item. Price, part number, manufacturer, etc. These items are broken into groups. Each group of items is separated by a blank row. In Cell A of this blank row is a code which identifies the group.

    Sheets V, C, and M have code which applies a checkmark in column J if the cell is double-clicked.

    Any rows in sheets V, C, and M with checkmarks in Column J should be copied to SPL.


    I have figured out several ways to accomplish all functions above without much trouble. The additional functions below are what is giving me trouble... trying to do this on my own has resulted in nothing but errors and non-functional code. So, here are the twists:

    1) If that same row has J cleared at any time, I need to remove that row's information from SPL.

    2) For each row copied to SPL, I need to automatically fill cell A of the copied row in SPL with the 'group code' from the blank line defining that group from the 'mother sheet'. (this would always be Cell A from the first blank row ABOVE the checkmarked row on the mother sheet)

    3) Checkmarked rows from all three sheets need to appear on SPL, and should not overwrite each other. The order is not terribly critical, but it would be useful if all items from V are first, then all C items, etc.

    Thank you in advance to all who read my thread and take a crack at helping me.

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