Problem with Multi Select macro enabled workbook

  • I have a macro enabled workbook which enables the user to select a .csv file and then edits it before saving the edited version alongside the original, in the original file location. This works fine. I am now trying to modify it so the user can select multiple files and have each processed in exactly the same way. Unfortunately this is stalling at the end of the macro module and I can't understand why. I should point out that I am very new to this. The macros were originally written by a colleague who is no longer with us. I was involved but only as a user, not actually writing the code. I have had to learn this from textbooks and online to try and understand his code and modify it. This is my first attempt at a multi selection version and I have clearly messed it up somewhere. Any help would be most appreciated.
    This is the relevant code from the single selection which works.

    And this is my attempt at modifying it for a multiple selection, which doesn't

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