Export data from Excel to Word step by step with specific formatting (loop)

  • I have code guidelines in my Worksheet Column C. They are title (Heading 1), main (number starting from 1 and Heading 2 | Output "1. Terms of condition"), sub (number starting from 1.1 and Heading 2), sub-sub (number starting from 1.1.1 and Heading 2) and par (Normal text in Word). My actual text is in Column B. There are can be also cells with output of "" in Column B. They should be skipped.
    I am trying to create a code to go through my Column C, copy cell values from Column B and set corresponding formatting to Word according to guidelines in Column C (title, main, sub, sub-sub, par). The problem is that I am able to create a Word document and save it but can't recreate the loop for reading values in Column C and copy pasting in right format to Word.

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