Conditional Streak Counter

  • I have scoured multiple forums looking for the right solution, and no examples quite matched what I'm going for, and therefore I have decided to seek assistance with my specific problem here. Attached is an example of what I am trying to accomplish. I have multiple ID's in Column A, with results in Column B. For my example I have chosen only 4 ID's. The data is sorted sequentially by date. I want to calculate a current streak based on specific criteria from Columns A and B, and populate that formula in Column G, indicated by the yellow cells which provide only text examples of what I want the end result to be. I have seen various incarnations using various combinations of MAX, FREQUENCY, VLOOKUP, array formulas, and binary helper columns. Looking for the most compact solution possible!

  • Thank you very much Carim ! I had to do some minor tweaking to fit my actual data set, but it works perfectly !

    Glad this is helping you out ...:wink:

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