Create orders log and monthly report for all orders

  • I have list of clients, products they ordered, and requested delivery date (attached). I use the list in the “orders” worksheet at the time when client calls in to confirm the quantities they order, and the next delivery date in front of each client (highlighted cells) .

    Since there is only one row for each client, and the dates and the orders are changing each time a new call is received, I need to keep track of history of all orders as they gets placed in the "log" worksheet.

    When a new order is received and confirmed in the form below (i.e. new delivery date, quantities etc.), I need to click the button to record any new order information (i.e. date is not previously recorded in the log sheet) in the log sheet (appended to the end) and keep the log worksheet as a reference for all orders’ history.

    It would also be great if I can generate a monthly report for all orders in the log worksheet by summing up all quantities ordered by month for each client. I attached an example in the “Monthly Report” worksheet.

    I appreciate if somebody can provide help in any or both requests above … Thanks a lot

  • Re: Create orders log and monthly report for all orders

    is "the next delivery date" on the orders sheet , the same as the "delivery date" on the log sheet?

    if you slightly restructure the Order sheet - and use table - you could create a pivot table which can be refreshed to provide the log just by clicking on the ! for each pivot

    same for the monthly report

    see the attached with two sheets added for the pivot table

  • Re: Create orders log and monthly report for all orders

    Thanks a lot Etaf .. I apologize .. it seems that the notifications that something got posted went to the Junk folder .. I corrected that.. I will look into your solution .. again thank you very much ..

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