Auto sort info from one sheet to another then place that information into a flowchart

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  • Hi everyone! I work for a steel fabrication company that produces numerous parts and utilizes numerous processes. I have a document that our quoters use that has two columns that show the steps in the process involved for that part. I need to be able to automatically sort two columns on sheet 1 and then place that information into a separate sheet 2 that then puts it into a flowchart style format similar to the SmartArt Vertical process. But it needs to update automatically whenever a column on sheet 1 changes.I can't change the source tab but I can make any changes I want to the other sheet. I have an example document we can use as the original has way to many confidential tabs in it. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am new to VBA/Macros. [ATTACH]n1215064[/ATTACH]

  • OK, can this be done in stages? Is there a macro that will auto sort information from one sheet to another? I know that on sheet 1 column A there will be some blanks next to process steps. This will show up as zeros when you sort. Can those then be changed to some other value so that the real process can be shown? Once I have this down then the I can work towards the other steps that I want. Again any help is greatly appreciated.

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