$40 - Create spreadsheet from Source sheet based on criteria - VBA.

  • Hi All,

    Need help with getting data from a source spreadsheet into another sheet based on four different scenarios. Each scenario results in two rows of output. The final output will be placed in the tab called Acct_Genex and will be sent to my Accounting team.
    The scenarios can be broken up into “Fee” or non fee transactions, and whether or not the “Amount” value in the Source tab is positive or negative.

    I have the Criteria/Logic laid out in the attached workbook in the Criteria tab. Hopefully that will explain better what I am looking to accomplish.
    I have example data in the “Source” tab as well as the anticipated results will look like in the “Example Output” tab.

    I envision a click of the button approach where on a daily basis, I copy the Source data into the “Source”tab, and once the macro is run, it will populate the “Acct_Genex” tab with the required results.
    Again there should be two rows of data in the “Acct-Genex” tab to every row of data in the “Source” sheet.

    Not sure how much work this is, so I am flexible to the rate. Just let me know if the starting fee is not fair.

    I hope this all makes sense. Please ask if you have any questions.

    Thanks for taking a look!


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