Want Excel to run numbers through certain cells and print the results of the cell

  • I am creating a sports model that is getting sort of tedious to deal with and I have thought of a better way to get it to yield better and faster results but don't know how to get there. I'll explain best I can

    I have the teams assigned numbers
    1 = Alabama
    2 = Auburn
    3 = Arkansas
    4= Baylor
    5 = team
    6= team
    7 = "etc"

    I have a home team for this example I'll use 1 for Alabama [A2]
    and an away team for this example I'll use 2 for Auburn [A6]

    When I put these teams into the home cell and away cell
    it does the math formula I have created and prints a number into a cell [H15] with a number

    I want to be able to create a sheet with all of the #'s and print the results however I cannot figure out how
    Home[A2] Away [A6] Result [H15]
    1 2 -3.75
    5 32 14
    24 105 .5
    31 4 10

    I'm assuming I need to create a program using VBA but my brain cannot wrap itself into how to get it to print the results without it changing the numbers and also changing [H15] when it changes the home and away teams this is what I am running into
    Home Away
    1 2

    Home[A2] Away [A6] Result [H15]
    1 2 -3.75
    5 32 -3.75
    24 105 -3.75
    31 4 -3.75

    This would make it very simple for me if all I had to do was go in there and change the home and away teams number and click the button and the results would change automatically... I am stuck and would like to see what everyone has in mind, or if excel can even do something like this. So basically I would like the Results to print the results for when I run just specifically 1(A2) and 2(A6), and then print the results for 5(A2) and 32(A6, and so on..

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