Free Tool - Get My Public IP

  • This is a tool that I created to solve my remote log in issues when my dynamic I.P. address would change when I was away from home. The excel VBA tool runs on my server and updates my current public I.P. address every 5 minutes and rewrites a PDF file saved on Dropbox. This PDF file is then accessible from outside my home via Dropbox. If I try to connect remotely and have connection issues I can view the PDF file and verify if my I.P. has changed then use the new I.P. listed in the PDF file. The PDF file is date & time stamped every 5 minutes so if the time stamp is older than 5 minutes I know that my server is offline and crashed or shut down as well.

    Please make sure you read the read me doc and follow the
    Host Computer Installation instructions to install.

    FYI -

    • After completing the Host Computer Installation instructions, any time the host computer is started the Get My Public IP – Tool will run in the background using minimal resources and it will over write the (Public IP.pdf) log file in Dropbox every 5 minutes with the current information as long as the host computer is connected to the internet.

    • If anyone tries to accidently or intentionally close the tool it will only minimize and continue to run and update the (Public IP.pdf) log file in an effort to not to unintentionally or unexpectedly stop the service; so you can always know the status of the host computer from outside the network.

    • Attn: If there is an actual need to shut down the tool intentionally it can be done by simply maximizing the Excel window running the Get My Public IP – Tool then simultaneously pressing CTRL+ALT+Shift+Backspace keys to close the tool properly.

    I hope this tool will help others as it has me, I find it to be a very valuable tool!

  • How do we know this is not some subversive attempt to harvest IP addresses and install Malware with network / port sniffing capabilities. Sounds very suss to me... Can you post the VBA code here?

    There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand Binary and those that dont. :P

    Why are Halloween and Christmas the same? Because Oct 31 = Dec 25... ;)


  • Well unfortunately just like any software you never really know what going on in the code. You normally use software from a trusted source and at your own risk.

    I certainly want to be trusted and the last thing I want is my reputation smeared so I have unlocked the code in this version for your viewing pleasure and so that I can be trusted and possibly others might be able to learn from my code.

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