Filter data w.r.t. different search input

  • Hello,
    I have one excel file in which 40000+ data is present. All data is clutter. attached is one of the example.
    To refine the data I want to filter the data like below.
    In first search box I will put some text e.g. "cough" When I will click it's command button, it will search whole sheet where cough word is present & will show me only the rows which contains "cough" word. Then if needed I will highlight that rows manually.
    Then in next search box I will put another word & when I click it's command button it will search the sheet for that text & show me the only rows which contains that text. Then if needed I will highlight that rows manually.
    Same I will do for next search3, search4 & so on.
    So when I click small command button which is exactly in front of the each search column it will search that specific text only. But when I click the "command button2" (big button below all the small buttons)then it will search the rows where all that words present in search1, search2, search3, search4, likewise are present & will show the only rows which contains all that text.
    But, sometimes while searching, I want to skip few words (words are pvt, ltd, inc & ele). e.g. If I put "cough ltd" in any search box then while searching it will skip the "ltd". & will search the remaining word in file. But these words will skip only when there is "YES" in F3 coloumn If it is "NO" in F3 colomn then it will search the whole text ("cough ltd").
    Please help someone to write the program for this.

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