VBA copy/paste value from one workbook to another and save as

  • [SIZE=11px]Heey everyone.
    I want to copy paste values from one w.b to another and save it by name of the value.

    • [SIZE=11px]go to the sheet "BA" ,refresh pivot and copy first value.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11px]find all results true for copied value, copy all and paste it to another w.b. "AMEX W8 BA.xlsx"[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11px]save as by name of the value copied from first w.b / sheet "BA"[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11px]repeat until the value at first w.b / sheet "BA" / column "A" is empty[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11px]I hope somebody can help me :(

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