Best Method

  • Hi guys,

    I need some advise on the best way of compiling a little bit of software:-

    During the manufacture of one of our products we are required to record two numbers per unit, one bar-code that is scanned in and the other is a serial number that is typed in.

    I need to ensure that any new barcode/serial numbers entered are not or have not been duplicated - This in itself would be relatively straight forward but:-

    I will have four workstations running in parallel that will each have to record and check each entry in real-time.

    I'm stuck on the best method of doing this and even if Excel is the best medium to do so, would having a network sheet that the 4 workstations would write/read from work or would it get tied up?


  • BUMP

    Would like to know the outcome of this.

    My opinion would be that a networking sheet would have been tied up with the constant need to save and the potential for overlapping data in columns and rows

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