Copying information from on sheet to another only when certain columns are filled

  • Hello All,

    I need help with coding for a worksheet change event.

    The situation is i have two sheets. "Tract Parcels" and "NOC".
    In "Tract Parcels" i have columns C, D, E, G, H, I with information. When all each column is filled, it would first check to see if B, D, E, G, H, & I information is located in columns C, E, D, F, G, I respectively. It it does then a message box appears saying "Project already appears in NOC Tracker.", otherwise the program will find the first empty row and copy and paste the information into that row. Don't know if this is too complicated, so please let me know if there needs to be more clarity.

    Also, if say this worksheet change event runs and starts filling in "NOC". I have a change event in "NOC", could the change event in "NOC" be disabled when the first event runs.

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