Copy data and format based on value through multiple tabs

  • Hello,

    I a spreadsheet that has a tab for every month and data for (5) departments in each one of these tabs. Every month, the correlating tab (to the active month) is updated and each department has an updated 'score'. Once this is updated, the user manually updates another tab. I want to automate this update but am not sure how. In my example spreadsheet, you can see data for Jan-Mar which have been manually entered.

    I am looking to copy the number from month (XXXX) into the thermometer tab and format the data to look how I have it shown for months Jan-Mar.

    Any ideas?


  • Hello Jake,

    If you do not mind ... a very general piece of advice ... :smile:

    Do not know who has designed this workbook ...

    But can easily tell you this person does not know the difference between a useless word processor such as Word ... and Excel ...!!!

    The whole workbook is designed to PREVENT ANYBODY from working effectively ...

    In terms of spreadsheet layout ... for your general knowledge, you can have a look at :

    Wish you all the Best ...

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  • Hi Carim,

    Unfortunately this layout was handed to me (the old version was actually word and it was converted to Excel..). It has quite a bit of formatting because it is used as a general report out that is reviewed by department heads. I added the single tab called thermometer and removed specifics on the other tabs before I submitted it. If you have any constructive advice to actually solving the problem though, that would be helpful.

    Thank you for the link - I did find some great information.


  • Hello Jake,

    In my very humble opinion ... if you are imprisoned alone in this workbook ... the only possible way out would be:

    1. To keep all the useless ' Word-produced-sheets ' as so-called reports or views ... ( and never touch them ...)

    2. Create a single worksheet with all the necessary data ... organized in a structured and sensible manner ...

    3. Build around your newly created database ... and if it is really needed by your ' management '... automatically feed your current sheets with the data they would require ...

    When thinking about Auditing ... and especially with a structured method such as 5S audit check lists ...

    It is totally aberrant to use a tool diverging so much from the basics of logic ... !!!

    Wish you all the necessary courage and perseverance to patch your workbook ...:wink:

    If you feel like saying "Thank You" for the help received, do not hesitate to click the "Smiley" icon, below, in the bottom right corner :)

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