VBA: Paste Special (Values)

  • Hi,

    How do I incorporate the paste special (using values) feature into the following code?

    Range("A1:A2").Copy Destination:=Range("C3")

    Thank you for any help!


  • Here I have written three procedure hop[e they help, chose which is for you, a bit more code but gets around all the issues you have and is abetter way to program for your task, IMO [in my opinion]



  • Re: VBA: Paste Special (Values)

    Hello Everbody
    I have assigned a task in which there is one master sheet which uses the msgbox option to ask that which slave worksheet you want to copy then when we select the other sheet then it must copy the value and there is another restriction which is that it must copy the value from the slave sheet when the cell in the slave sheet is green, And also offcourse there will e the formulas in the other sheet so in the master sheet there must be the PasteSpecial command to be used.

    I hope i will get the relevent answer.

  • Re: VBA: Paste Special (Values)

    This works great except for one thing. It duplicates conditional formating every time it copies. Is there a way to make it "paste special values" and leave the rest alone?

  • Re: VBA: Paste Special (Values)

    I got this to work. It's cleaner and faster. But if I highlight and clear multiple cells or press delete it does not erase it from the second sheet. I can live with that but if anyone has any tips to do make deleting multiple cells work, that would be great.

    This version goes in the CS Scale sheet and a reverse sheet order goes in the RS Scale sheet. Works great.

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