VBA to identify cell values in column with those in a named range in another workbook

  • Hi all,
    Feel like I'm really close to solving this, but I've gotten stuck trying to reference a named range in another workbook.
    My code is used to select random rows from a report using input box criteria in several columns (date range, line of business, number of records to return, etc). I've also explicitly filtered results by certain keywords in another column "Approved".
    I've got a list of 40 or 50 codes (most are 2 or 3 letter / number combinations) in a named range "AllBands" in another worksheet, but I'm not able to figure out how to reference the range to "allow" any of the codes in that list. The list could change over time, so I've used a dynamic named range. Also, I didn't want to explicitly script "CC" or "CRT" or "WY9" or etc. There's just too many of them...
    Here's the first portion of my code:

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