Multiselect Listbox to add rows and display the items in those rows

  • Hello guys. I need help to a specific issue that is driving me crazy.

    I have a table and a form with a multiselect Listbox and a button ADD (see attached).

    In order to open the Form I need to double click any cell in Column A (DONE).

    When the List is opened the ListBox1 is presented. When I click on ADD button, I want all the selected values of the Listbox1 to be inserted in Column A of the table starting from the first empty cell.

    Also, the code must add rows in the table as many as the items selected in the Listbox1, i.e. if the user selects 3 items, then 3 rows will be added and the items will be placed on each row respectively.

    See attached!!

    Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

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