Trigger based on maxima and minima

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  • You can play around with the colours if you're fussed.

  • Hi Stephen,

    In my last post I goof; sorry if I wasted your time needlessly. Your code doesn't call N2 and O2, my code does. On the attached workbook, I added a radio button which executes both my macros updating columns C,D,E, and F on button click. When I subsequently run your Sub(x) code, columns I and J don't return proper values.

    Could you please take a look at the attached workbook?



  • Hi Stephen, I get blank cells in I30 and J83. On the attached workbook, I've added a button to run your code. (and renamed the sub) When I tried to run all 3 subs from one button, Excel crashed. Here's what I've noticed also: If I open the workbook and change N2 or O2 and call your code using the On Off Points button, it works only once. Sometimes if I click again, Excel crashes. The debugger goes to your Do Until loop. If Excel doesn't crash, your code is not updating columns I and J. If you have a chance, could you take a look? Thanks, -Art

  • Hi Stephen, trying to run the workbook again tonight several times, the workbook crashes consistently when I call your macro. Hopefully you have some ideas because I sure don"t. Thanks, Art

  • This site is getting painful so everything is hard work at the moment. (Can't attach a file either.) It works for me on your attached file with 0.8 / 1.1. I noticed that with some settings its possible that a trigger point is not reached before the next min/max is reached and that can cause an error. Should it automatically stop in those cases? The code runs for me from the button.

  • Hi Stephen, I've noticed that the website is slow to load sometimes and I also have had trouble uploading a file. Can you try varying the parameters on your side and see if the worksheet updates? As long as there are values in columns E and F, they should be in the range of column B data. Like I mentioned yesterday, your code runs only once at least on my two laptops Is there an alternative way to code this sub? -Art

  • Hi Stephen, I think that I see whats going on. You alluded to this in your last post. If N2* last maxima < next minima or if O2 * last minima > next maxima, the code crashes. Could you add a check for this with a message "Value exceeds maxima" or "Value exceeds minima? Thanks, -Art

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