Select cells using RC:RC format where the column is defined and rows are hard coded

  • Previously, I was able to use the Range statement where my latter row number is defined by RptNextStartRow as follows:
    This VBA code selects cells a13:m500
    Private Sub PasteFromRaw_Click()
    Dim RptNextStartRow As Integer
    RptNextStartRow = ActiveSheet.Cells(3, 2).Value (For this example the value is 500)
    Worksheets("Raw Data").Activate
    Worksheets("Raw Data").Range("a13:m" & RptNextStartRow).Select
    End Sub

    Following the above logic, I was expecting this VBA code to select cells V7:V127
    However, it selects all columns in the worksheet for rows 7 through 127
    Private Sub FormulasToNewWeek_Click()
    Dim RptNextStartCol As String
    RptNextStartCol = ActiveSheet.Cells(1, 2).Value (For this example the value is V)
    Worksheets("INPUT COMBINED").Activate
    Worksheets("INPUT COMBINED").Range(RptNextStartCol & "7:" & RptNextStartCol & "127").Select
    End Sub

    Can this code be revised or is there another way to accomplish selecting the row that is defined by RptNextStartCol?
    Thank you

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