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  • Hello,

    I work with monthy data. I have to prepare summary based on SUMIFS and COUNTIFS. My SUMIFS and COUNTIFS have named ranges. life SUMIFS(DepDec18,CarrierDec18,$B10,DestDec18,E$9). Each month has different number of rows. Right now on each monthly workbook, I name the ranges like DepDec18 for the data then change formulae to refer to the new named range,

    I guess this is confusing. Basically what I am asking is that in the formula SUMIFS(DepDec18,AirlineDec18,$B10,DestDec18,E$9), is it possible to refer to a cell - lets say b6 which has range name that I want to use as Text. So I write the formula SUMIFS(B6,B7,$B10,B8,E$9) where B6 has text DepDec18, B7 has CarrierDec18 and B8 has DestDec18 which are all range names.

    Thank you

  • Make your Named Ranges Dynamic Named Ranges.

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