Multiple Sheets in Power Pivot

  • I thought the real deal for Power Pivot was using more than 1 sheet to produce pivot tables. In some ways doing away with fiddling with multiple tables in Access to then bring into Excel

    But when I try to use three sheets to combine all fields into a pivot table using Power Pivot I run into the relationship restrictions of not being able to use one to many - have to use unique records

    Does this mean that in order to use these 3 sheets from my sample I can not use Power Pivot ?

    My user wants to combine all 3 sheets displaying all fields from each sheet into 1 sheet -
    All 3 sheets have a school code 4 digit field labeled in Red in each sheet

    Address Sheet = Cost Center 4# field
    School Counts Sheet = 4 Digit field
    Percent Total Sheet = School# field

    I ended up using access to query on 2 sheets and then from that sheet with the 3rd sheet to give her what she needed

    But I am wondering if/how this would be doable using Power Pivot?

    Sample attached
    Thank you

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