Copy one row at a time

  • Hey everyone,

    How do I copy and paste one row at a time from range A:U on '730291' to the 'test' tab starting at the top or row 2. and pasting it into D:Y next empty row in Y on the 'test' tab.

    Typically when I've ever needed to copy and paste a range its been all at once type thing, but this idea I had I need to be able press the button and have the macro automatically move the next row from the 730291 tab over

    any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi,

    Firstly the structure of your workbook worksheet doesn't lend itself to doing this type of thing easily so I have altered it.

    The following code should accomplish what you are after...

    Note : There are two modes ' Delete the moved row mode' or '' Don't delete the moved row mode' depending on the setting of wsTest.chkDeleteSample.

    I have attached an Excel 2016 32Bit Workbook 'Trends.xlsm' with the working code.


    Tom Rowe...

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