VBA code to convert/encode multiple cells

  • [h=2][/h] [INDENT]I have a worksheet with several 000's rows of data, holding information about patients' visits. Each row holds the information of a single visit.
    Each patient can have multiple visits (i.e. appear in multiple rows). The table is sorted by patient name, and the left-most column holds the patient name.
    I need to share this sheet with others so that it can analysed, but due to data protection rules I wish to hide the personal information, i.e. patient name, before I do that.
    My plan is to keep a master copy of the sheet, just in case. I would like a make a copy of it, with the patient details anonymised, that can then be shared. I would like each patient name to be changed to a sequential number, something like P0001, P0002, etc. The left column of the table will appear like this:

    How do I create the encoding automatically please?

    Any tips will be much appreciated![/INDENT]

  • first make a list of patient name in a new worksheet, remove duplicate then assign codes.. after that you can use vlookup to replace patient name with code.

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