Workdays in the Month formula? [SOLVED]

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  • Hello, looking for a formula that will generate a count of the workdays (Monday - Friday) without holidays for any given month of any year.

    Anyone have any suggestion on a simple way of achieving this task?

    I would also like to run this out for future months/years so flexibility would be nice.


  • I figured it out!!!

    I was looking to use this formula to figure actual averages across TONS of 0's/ blanks in the data set.

    I was able to use a SUMIFS formula with this formula to divide the sum of the date range by days worked.

    I was able to use the following to achieve this:





    this generates my count of working days for the month, "holidays" references a list I created of Holidays scheduled closed in the office.

    Once I generated a count of days in each month I was able to vlookup this for my number to divide by.

    Full formula below:



    Vlookup references the results from the first formula.

    Can't believe this took me the time it did... :thanx:

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