Update column using vlookup and 2 cell references

  • Hello.

    I am looking for a way to do a Vlookup and insert data into a column based on another column value.

    I will be running some data on a weekly basis. And rather than manually type the numbers in would like a way of it being automated to some extent.

    On the sample sheet attached I would like a formula to go in D2 that will perform a VLookup for the name of the person in A2 in the range A18:B30 and input the number accordingly.

    What I would also like is to input the date for the week in question in cell J3 and have the formula also look for the date in there and update the columns accordingly.

    This is so I can run the data each week and by changing one cell the formula will know which column to update with data

    Not sure if that is best achieved with a formula or VBA I did try to put something together using VLookup and Match but have not been able to get anything working

    Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can offer.

  • I have managed to find a way of making it work by doing an IF statement and then a vlookup if it's true. i am not sure how to close the post down but this issue is closed

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