Add a column next to current cell

  • I have a duplicate data checker which also checks the discrepancy between columns based on the ID number. The problem is, this concatenates the values but what I would like to achieve is: if they have the same ID number, everytime a unique value in the same column is found, it should insert a new column on the right side where the unique value should be outputted.

    For example:

    | Employee ID | Status |
    E100 Deactivated E100 Activated

    should be:

    | Employee ID | Status | Status (2) |
    E100 Deactivated Activated

    Instead of:

    | Employee ID | Status |
    E100 Deactivated,Activated

    I have inserted below what I have done so far. I would really appreciate help in this as I am new to programming and VBA.

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