VBA Userform with multiple labels

  • Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a project i'm currently working on that uses a userform. I've attached a dummy file and populated the labels with the information (But it needs to be dynamic)

    • Is it possible when the userform loads, it counts how many Metrics have been missed and populates a label in the userform (Currently i have a formula that the userform counts if the actual is less than target but ideally i wouldn't want a formula to drive this)

    • Picks the first one thats missed target, populates the target(col B) and actual (col C) numbers for the metric (col A)

    • Depending on which metric it is pulls through the definition

    • The spinnerbox changes up or down missed metrics, changing the target/actual & definition

    • When the reason has been placed and the submit button is hit, it populates the comment from the textbox into the other sheet under comments for the metric?

    I'm sorry if this is long winded, I've literally I've come to a dead end :(

    Thanks in advance

  • Yea sure no worries :)

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