VBA Msg box when value not found

  • Hi Roy
    I have sent a message because I didnt really understand your last post. Very much my lack of knowledge. I have had a go at designing a form and adding a couple of buttons .
    I have managed to do the simple stuff like
    1. create the Form
    2. create a "show Button"sheet One called GPU Journal Form
    3.added code to the "clear Search Button"which clears the Provider Field
    4.Added combo buttons and added text to be selected
    5.added code to the "clear Form "button

    This is the extent if my expertise considering I hadn't done any VBA until my first post
    Now the tricky part which I hope you can assist me with I require. Probably super easy for you

    1.The light blue search button to search for providers in the "data "sheet and populate the "name"and "email Text"boxes
    2.The Email Button to email the provider as per their email address in the 'email "textbox . based on the search
    I had found previous code to do this See below

    It would be great that once the Email button is activated the form is emailed to the provider with :

    1. a subject Line -GPU E Journaling
    2.Body of email text "
    Dear Student
    "Please find attached items for your attention.Please make corrections ASAP.
    Thank you
    3. sender
    SentOnBehalfOfName = "Health.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

    Maybe a msg box email sent would be a nice touch???

    Again I hope that you can assist and thank you for all of your efforts

  • The other workbook that you attached had a UserForm in it. That's the one that I edited the code in yesterday. I changed the code to work with the existing Table, instead of the code that you used which relied on Ranges.

    The other one I wasn't sure what you wanted it to do.

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