Ribbon buttons don't work properly after renaming the project

  • Hi,

    I use custom buttons on the customized ribbon to run macros in the "ThisWorkBook" section.
    Aftre saving the xlsm file under a different name, the macros do not work properly.
    It seems that the buttons retain the links to the original file rather than pointing at the macros in the current file.
    If I remove the original file, the linked macros cannot be accessed.

    I would like my buttons to run the macros in the current project regardless of its name and location.

  • Thank you Roy,
    My problem occured while adding a tab and buttons through the the Customize Ribbon mechanism. Using the Quick Access Menu instead, solved my problem, though the "appearance" of the buttons is much less attractive.
    Another observation that I encountered was that unlike the "Quick Access Menu", the tab and buttons that I havd added through the "Customize Ribbon" appeared
    in all my projects, with no other options to select from. I am using Office 2010.
    Anyway, I have completed and delivered the project. Thank you again for your help.

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