Run-time error '75'

  • Hello. When I run the bellow code I get a Run-time error '75': Path/File access error
    Before this error comes up the file is actually saved in the correct directory. Also, this code runs fine on other computers using the same software.
    I have run a repair with the Office installation disk, which did not help. I am thinking that I should reinstall office to see if that works.

    The blue text in the code is what is highlighted when I debug.

    Suggestions please?

  • Re: Run-time error '75'

    Please don't use other Tags with Code Tags, it doesn't work

    This is untested but try it

  • Re: Run-time error '75'

    And if Roys' suggestion doesn't work, am willing to bet the error is occurring on the SaveCopyAs line...

    Change your error handler as follows, and then step to see where it resumes at.

        Debug.Assert False
        MkDir "C:\Dropbox\Archive\" & Range("C79") 
        Resume Next 
    End Sub

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