Pivot Table Filter Updates

  • Good Afternoon Everyone-

    Had a question that seems as if it should have a simple solution but after an extensive search, no information has come close to answer the question that I have. I have a pivot table that has dollar values with 3+ different filters (customer, item, store...).

    Customer A 910 36
    Customer B 918 21
    Customer C 920 12

    If you select customer A, only item 910 and 918 apply and store 36 apply.

    Thus, my goal is to select Customer A and have 920 and 21 and 12 no longer an option on the drop down menus associated with item and store...

    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. Attached I have an example, thanks again!

  • Re: Pivot Table Filter Updates

    Quote from Oeldere;664401

    maybe something like this?

    Thanks for the response, not quite what I was looking for though. I already have a pivot table and I would like to know how to modify that to fit my needs. Thanks again!

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