Combining customer information, Need to know what route to take

  • Hello, Ozgrid, looks like you're the best place to ask this question

    I have an excel sheet of about 30k rows and a .txt file of about 100k rows (tab delimited)
    The rows are customer information
    I need to add some information from matching rows in the .txt file to the excel sheet, then filter the excel sheet

    I'm guessing the best route is to use ADO methods to search the .txt file.

    the addresses in the .txt file are written differently. particularly there are 3 spaces in between the street number and the street name. Searching for address seems to be the easiest way to find a matching customer.

    Should I first go through the .txt file and groom the data?

    Is there a better way than using ADO? Should I put only the columns I need from the .txt file into a giant array or variant to work with?

    Point me in the right direction. THANKS!

  • Hello,

    From your description ... you should take a look at Power Query ...

    Hope this will help

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