VBA Return Count of PDF Files and...

  • I am a novice VBA user but I am actively trying to expand my knowledge. I have a project that I am trying to streamline but I am seeking some VBA help. I hope this isn't too complicated a request.

    I am seeking a VBA macro that would accomplish the following:

    1. Return Count of PDF Files in specified folder paths (file paths are listed in Excel cells D1:D7)
    2. Only return count of files with a last modified date of today (regardless of time)
    3. Return count to cells E1:E7

    Thank you so much!! I appreciate your help in advance!

  • Hi crysp711,

    Try this code, modify as required the SourceFolderName ?????? and Range (" ") = Array portion.

    Note credit for the majority of this code comes from Santosh I have just modified where required to meet modified today and file is pdf.


  • Hi Trebor76,


    What was wrong with my solution here?

    If you must cross-post please provide a link to each other site as I have done with the above link.

    My apologies, I was not aware the OP was a cross-post and that you had already provided a solution.



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