Conditional Multiplication in Excel

  • Please help. I am trying to create formulas that will calculate commission based on a set of rules: as detailed in the attached worksheet.

    - Some transaction types calculate commission as a percentage of value (Airtime Top-up, bill payments, Electricity tokens and pay-tv)

    - Some transactions earn a fixed amount of commission - depending on the value of the transactions ( e.g - 1-250 = 3 commission, 251-500 = 4 commission )

    I now need to be recording these transactions on a worksheet . I am trying to create a formulae in the cell - such that if i enter 400 in cell a A 20, Cell B20 should automatically calculate the 4.00 commission on that transaction.

    If i enter 1000.00 in A21, i want B21 to automatically calculate the commission of 5.00 .

    I know that for B20 and B21 to calculate correct commissions, the conditions needs to be defined in the formulae.

    Hoping i am clear and making sense.

    See the attachment

  • Try this in B20


    copied down.

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