Auto open KML file in Google Earth

  • Wow, that's a lot cleaner Pike. Many thanks for your hep with this, I'm learning a lot.

    However I still get the Save *.kml dialogue when clicking the command button.
    I did have some other VBA which opened Google Earth on click.

    Can the Save As code be Open Application?

    filepath = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(".kml", "Google Earth files (*.kml),*.kml", 1, "Save As *.kml")

    Open Application.DefaultFilePath & "quote.kml" For Output As #1
  • it can try,,,

    You have nailed it.

    It worked flawlessly.

    I then changed the "Hidden" A2 cell to C:\Windows\Temp\Charter Quote.kml which opened a Save As dialog but once saved, it now overwrites the file and automatically launches Google Earth with the kml file when the command button is clicked.

    Bravo, I will be donating $50 to your nominated charity.

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