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  • Looking for a simpler way to filter using a loop. Right now I have this code listed over and over again to filter for the numbers 6 to 238 but I believe this can be done in a simple loop function without listing it out 200+ times but I'm not sure how.

    Abbreviation rd refers to a delimited .txt document opened into a sheet called "Raw Data". I need to filter column B for each number 6 to 238 and copy the corresponding results from that filter that are in column C to a new sheet "Formatted Data", abbreviated fd, into the column corresponding to that filter number. I also need to add a piece that stops it from copying anything if the filter number is non existent in the column and move on to the next number.

    Example that I'm currently using:

    ''''' Filter: Mass 56
    rd.UsedRange.AutoFilter 2, "56"
    rd.Range("C2:C" & LastRow).Copy fd.Range("BD4")
    rd.AutoFilterMode = False

    ''''' Filter: Mass 57
    rd.UsedRange.AutoFilter 2, "57"
    rd.Range("C2:C" & LastRow).Copy fd.Range("BE4")
    rd.AutoFilterMode = False

    Any and all help is appreciated

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  • I wouldn't use UsedRange, you need to define the filter range

    Why use VBA? You can AutoFilter for Numbers between the range manually.

    • Select any cell within the range.
    • Select Data > Filter.
    • Select the column header arrow .
    • Select Number Filters, and then select a comparison, like Between.
    • Enter the filter criteria and select OK.
  • Update: So this is what I have right now. The loop and filter check works but I need a way to use the integer I filtered for to be the column that the data pastes to if it's found. The amount of entries being copied&pasted is indefinite so I need the paste to always start in row 5 and column matching the IsoM and just continue down as necessary.

    This part specifically is what is not working. Please help.

    fd.Range(Cells(5, IsoM))

    *All set now. Changed it to fd.Cells(5, CIso) and now it is working

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