IF.. and .. then .. formula-problem

  • Like to get this fixed.

    Cell a3 shows the date, like 19-jun. In cell a2 I test if it is a monday to a sunday. The result will be showed like "Mo", "Tu" etc.

    In another cell I like to create a test something like this; If a2 is equal to "Fr." "Sa" or "Su" and another cell E41<=$K$74 then te result must be " " (empty cell) otherwise show the word "closed.

    Can't get the combination of all this in one formula, anyone an idea ?


  • Think something is wrong with the , he does give an error.

    Just found out that I didn't described the problem right..
    This is what I test right now;

    =IF(D45<=Validation!$K$75;"OPEN";"CLOSED") but it has to be tested only on a friday saturday and sunday. Due to the fact that the row with the dates changes. I first have to test if it is a friday saturday or sunday

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