Open explorer search from excel hyperlink or VBA

  • Hello Wizards,

    Say I have a directory in A1

    A3 down I have a list of values which are a part of file names in A1 directory

    Looking for a quick way to be able to click and have windows explorer open and execute a search in A1 directory with value from a list in A3 down
    So far I have this VBA, which I am trying to tweak, but no cigar so far:

    Shell("c:\Windows\explorer.exe ""search-ms:displayname=Search%20Results&crumb=System.Generic.String%3A" & <variable> & "&crumb=location:<your search location>%", vbNormalFocus)

    My attempts to tweak above code are as follows:

    Shell("c:\Windows\explorer.exe ""search-ms:displayname=Search%20Results&crumb=System.Generic.String%3A" & Range("A3") & "&crumb=location:Range("A1")%", vbNormalFocus)

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