On Mouse Over - run a Macro

  • I have done something similar in the past, but I think I had to place some transparent shapes for mouse to cross over and that was being detected triggering a macro (scroll I think)

    Wondering if there's an easier way where you could just specify a cell range and tell it if mouse moves over that range run a macro

    What are your experiences with that?

  • Cursor position on the screen can change for a range. The usual method would be to determine the locations for window maximized in the Test sub. If window is not maximized, or zoomed, the coordinates will be wrong. Change coordinates to suit your window.

    In a Module:

    Right click the sheet tab, View Code, and paste:

    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    End Sub
  • I've seen that post before my question, but thanks - a bit iffy with the caveats... For now I went with my tried method I noted, but am also looking in a direction of being able to right click in a range of cells and have a list show up with preset string options, then upon selecting one for a Comment to be inserted into that cell with chosen string

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